Mediumがオーディオバージョンを開始 - 新たなメンバー限定機能




Readers around the world turn to Medium for personal, expert takes from thoughtful writers. Every day, you can get ideas first-hand from researchers, activists, designers, essayists, politicians, satirists, analysts, technologists, and, yes, the occasional thought leader, too. And now, we’re introducing a new way to experience those ideas on Medium, exclusively for members.
Starting today, we’re bringing audio to your Medium member experience. You can listen to audio versions of every member-only story, as well as top posts hand-picked from elsewhere on Medium by our editors.
We know that words matter, so our audio versions are recorded by real people — no robot voices allowed. For now, some stories will be recorded by the authors themselves, while others are narrated by professional voice artists.
You can listen to audio versions on our iOS and Android app (make sure you update to the latest version), as well as on
This is just the beginning of our plans for audio. We’re excited to record many more stories over the coming months and to experiment with adding different types of audio content, supporting writers and publishers to upload their own narrations, and more. So, pop in your earbuds, start listening, and stay tuned.
Ready to get started? Visit the dedicated audio section for members, or take a listen to some of our favorite audio versions so far:
So as y’all might have seen, this week we added an exciting new feature to your membership offering: audio versions of Medium stories. I was the product manager for audio, so let me share a bit more about why we built it.
みなさんご覧になったかもしれませんが、今週、我々はあなた方メンバー限定のサービスにエキサイティングな新機能「Medium Storiesのオーディオバージョン」を追加しました。私(Katie Zhu)はこのオーディオバージョンの制作マネージャーですので、なぜこの機能を開発したのかについて、もう少し情報提供させてください。
AUDIO IS FRESH. Here’s why.

Whenever I listen to something, I feel a weirdly close connection to the voice and story. It’s like having a friend speak to you through your headphones to tell you what’s up. And practically speaking, since I’m usually running around all day, audio just makes sense for me because I don’t always have time to sit down and read on my phone. Especially cause I stress out about my eyes and bad cell phone light and all that wackness.
My commute has gotten much more productive and enjoyable since I’ve been able to listen to my Medium stories, too.smiley We’ve taken great care to ensure that every audio version is of high quality, that the voice belongs to a real human, and that there’s some character to it.
So yeah, pop in those earbuds, and start listening to a few of my faves: How to Expand Your Vocabulary (voiced in a British accent, obviously), an analysis of whether criminal offender databases actually help reduce crime, and a great personal essay about why bigger isn’t always better in digital media.
Alright enough talk. You’ve got 50+ audio versions to explore! To help your exploring, we’ve put some audio *pro tips* together later in today’s Edition, too.
語ることに心配はいりません。あなたは50以上のオーディオバージョンを探索できます。探索の助けになるよう、我々はオーディオの「プロのコツ」もこの後、today’s Editionの中で紹介します。
Yesterday, we announced our latest member-only feature — audio on Medium — and how to get started. For the audiophiles out there, we wanted to dive deeper with five pro tips to amplify your audio experience on Medium.
昨日、我々は最新のメンバー限定機能「オーディオ on Medium」とその始め方を公開しました。我々はオーディオファイルを世の中に出すために、あなたのMediumでのオーディオ体験を増幅させるための5つのプロのコツを用いてより深くのめり込みたかったのです。
1. Find all our audio in one place
1. すべてのオーディオを1ヶ所で見つけられる

On your homescreen, you’ll now see an audio section with all the audio-enabled stories organized together, so you can browse easily to find what you want to listen to. And you can always visit it directly.
2. Check out the story while you’re listening
2. 再生中のストーリーをチェックする

When you’re listening to an audio version in the app and want to get back to the written story, just click on the title, and you’re there. Whether you want to read along or just catch the photos, you can still get all aspects of the story.
3. Rewind and fast forward quickly
3. すばやい巻き戻し・早送り

Didn’t catch something the first time? With one click of the rewind button, you can skip back 15 seconds on the iOS app or 10 seconds on Android. If you’re eager to see what’s next, you can skip ahead 15 seconds on iOS or 30 seconds on Android with one click, too.
4. Play directly from your reading list
4. 閲覧リストから直接再生する

As a member, you have exclusive access to our reading list feature. If there’s an audio version you want to listen to later, click the save icon, and play it when you’re ready right from your reading list (available on iOS only for now, coming soon to Android). You can also add or remove a story from your reading list directly from our audio player.
5. Control audio from your lock screen
5. ロック画面からオーディオを管理する

There’s no need to keep the Medium app open while you’re listening to a story. You can rewind, pause, and fast forward directly from your lock screen.




Mediumの中の人は、「本物の人間の声しか使わない。合成音声なんか認めないぞ」と大見得を切っていますが、むしろ逆なんじゃないでしょうか。ストーリーを自動的に高品質な合成音声に変換してオーディオバージョンを作成・公開できるような機能が開発されれば、この機能目当てにMediumに書き手が集まり、さらに、高品質な合成音声でストーリーを聴けるということで、読者(聴者)も集まります。オーディオバージョンの作成も聴取もメンバー限定機能にすれば、メンバー登録する人が一気に急増し、Mediumの収益構造が確立します。もちろん問題は音声合成システムの性能で、ひと昔前のTTS(Text To Speech)ソフトのような不自然な音声ではユーザーは集められないでしょうが、最近はすでにかなり自然な合成音声が作られているようですし、Mediumの中のトップエンジニアたちがAIを駆使して開発すれば、ユーザーを満足させる音声合成システムは不可能ではないと思います。